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Beauty revealed.jpg
Beauty  Revealed


101.5 cm x 101.5cm

40" X 40"

Oils on Canvas



What drew me to paint this work was the sheer beauty of the colours that had unfolded from the centre of the flower as it fell from its stem. I was astonished by the hidden beauty in disintegration, the beautiful limey, lemony greens being such a perfect complement to the soft pinks and the deeper rich magenta accents. I have always loved Peonies and yet never seen this aspect of them revealed before. 

It always inspires me to see Nature's magnificence in a new light, to discover unknown secrets. This also set me to thinking about our own lives and what beauty there is in the older generation. What is there that I'm not really seeing?


This work taught me so much about colour, both subtle and strong. Nature always gets it right. Below see some closer details of the work.

Detail 1
Fin 7_med.jpg
Detail 2
Fin 6_med.jpg
Detail 3
Fin 2_med.jpg
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