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Bouquet of Dreams
122cm x 84cm
48" x 33"

This beautiful flower painting, titled 'Bouquet of Dreams', is an oil painting on canvas. It depicts an unusual view of a stunning cyclamen.

I would like to acknowledge the photographic artistry of Loretta Karazinov who kindly allows me to create a painted version of her lovely photographs. Thank you Loretta.

 I have attempted to capture the delicacy and fragility of the flower, as well as its vibrancy and beauty. The intense colors and soft brushstrokes create a peaceful atmosphere, reflecting the dream-like quality of the painting. This painting is sure to bring a touch of beauty and joy to any room.

Cyclamen Finished sm.jpg

As you can see, I generally do a pencil study of ta flower before I launch into painting it.  This helps me to understand a lot about the image, when then gets incorporated into the work as I paint it.

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