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Cathedral Cove

61cm (W) x 61cm (H) x 3cm (D)


This is a very magical place which I have visited since my childhood. Unfortunately, the secret has escaped into the world at large and now hundreds if not thousands of people are drawn to visit here each year.
My painting is an attempt to capture some of that early magic and share it with you. To take you to a place of beauty and wonder and other worldly delight. A place you can step into through my painting which is beyond what you might see if you visited here now. I would love for you to share my vision and the joy that comes from being here.
If you were to go there now the best time is very early in the morning before all the tourists arrive, so you can experience it uncluttered up by other humans!
It is a work that can bring great peace, stillness and tranquility into your room.

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