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Coastal Sanctuary

20"H x 30"W    50.8cm H x76.2cm W


Art has an extraordinary power to transport us to different realms, allowing us to experience emotions, thoughts, and sensations that transcend our physical surroundings. In the midst of our everyday lives, artistically crafted pieces can  to take you on a journey to places of enchantment, stirring your imagination and evoking a sense of awe. My painting "Coastal Sanctuary", is an attempt to capture some of the early magic I experienced in this place and share it with you. 

The inspiration for this piece came from a hidden cove "Mare's Leg Cove" on the Coromandel Peninsula in New Zealand. I used to visit as a child when we were on holidays. In those days there was rarely ever anyone else there. 


I invite you to embark on an exploration of a world beyond what your eyes can behold, inviting you into a realm of beauty, wonder, and otherworldly delight. 

I am delighted that it has been acknowledged in an international exhibition with a merit award in a landscape exhibition with Grey Cube Gallery. 

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