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When someone considers commissioning an art piece, this is often for their own homes,  Have you ever considered giving someone a really unique gift, a piece of artwork created especially for them. It might be for something special like a birthday or an anniversary, for a treasured friend or even for your own home.


Working together with you I can create a unique piece that will become a treasured, lifelong joy.  A commission is a rewarding collaboration between you and the artist.


My preferred commission subjects are landscape, florals and still life, although, in special circumstances, I will consider a portrait. There are many opportunities to include treasured memories of places, events and things, that will touch the hearts of your loved ones.






Every picture tells a story.  I don't generally do portraits for people, however, I was asked to do this painting for a lady whose son had been killed in America.  I couldn't refuse.  Pete was a vibrant young man at the time of his death, not yet twenty. This work was commissioned as a present for his mum, as a memento of happier times, when he was still a young lad. She was absolutely delighted to receive this gift and it now has a pride of place in her home.




  • I begin by asking you some questions, this is a downloadable form that gives me some initial information about what you would like me to paint for you, deadlines and so on.

  • I then take a look at this information and make contact to discuss the details with you.

  • Next, we  agree on a  budget and a deadline for the work to be completed by. We also discuss any specifics you wish to include in the painting such as, the boat in the painting opposite, or the shirt Pete is wearing.

  • A non-refundable deposit is then paid.

  • I will then do a  brief sketch or photo, which I will send to you for approval, before beginning the work.

  • For most works, I work in oils on canvas or linen. 

  • To keep you upto date with how the work is progressing, I will send you photos of the work in progress. This will provide you the opportunity to give me feedback and make suggestions that may occur to you. 

  • The last stage is to give your final approval of the work and then pay the balance of the payment owing at that time.  The work will then be delivered or can be picked up by you.

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