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Oil on Canvas

102cm (W) x 84cm (H) x 3cm (D)

Dauntless Resilience

I love this piece. The dark, moody sky and the wild sea - I can almost smell the briny spray coming off the waves and the scent of freshly fallen pine needles from the tree.

This image resonated so strongly with me; I just had to paint it. I found the picture on Instagram, the photographic work of a friend of wonderful photographer – Marcela Meschini

Without this image, I couldn’t have created this work. I love the wildness of the sky and the resilience of the lone, battered tree. Sometimes in my life, I have felt just like this tree!

Dauntless Resilience

Standing strong upon the battered shore 
You bear life's scars, 
Missing limbs and 
Broken Branches, 
Your feet, surf tossed 
Amidst the litter of 
Oceans careless flotsam, 
And yet you endure, 
Leaning into the winds of Fate, 
A stark beauty, 
Against the tempest 
You are a dauntless warrior.

This work recently won a Special Merit award in an online competition which had 658 entries from 19 different countries.

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