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SO WHAT IS DREAMING ON PAPER or Creative Journaling?

Dreaming on Paper - explores a creative way of journalling using images and words in a form that is pleasing to you and makes your soul sing.

  • Creative Journaling helps you to think about your creativity in a new way.

  • This workshop will give you some new tools to access your creativity.

  • It will also help to bring more joy into your life, through beginning and owning your Creative Practice.

  • You will learn some cool Journaling techniques.

  • It will also give you a framework to take home and put into place in your lives as a regular practice.

  • The workshop will give you some new tools to access your creativity.


In a way, Creatiive Journaling is like a meditation on paper, a dream in three-dimensional reality that you can return to again and again to be filled with delight and joy.

It is perhaps a bit like Lucid Dreaming. The difference is that when you dream on paper, the dream doesn't disappear. You can always go back and look at it again.


So what is a lucid dream? It is that dream you have while you're awake, or you are dreaming but aware of where you are at the same time. So when you dream on paper there is a combination of the subconscious element like when you dream normally, and your conscious self. Below are other things you can experience while using this tool.

  • We do not always have words for things, so sometimes pictures can be much more powerful triggers to unlocking memories, desires etc.

  • Sometime's I am surprised by what is inside me and how I make connections through this process.

  • One of the really wonderful things about dreaming on paper is that it frees me from being perfect. It is a process that allows my creative self to play without rules or expectations. I can be as unorganized or as messy as I like - which can be very freeing if I'm in a stuck creative phase.

  • It is a perfect way to experience ME time because there is no agenda. I am doing it for myself, in my own space and time, engaging in a delightful experience. I don't have to answer to anybody else and I can do whatever I please in my journal.

  • Another great aspect of this is, that I can take it with me wherever I like. It is readily portable, doesn't cost much to do and can be done wherever I can find the time and space to fit it in.

  • I use my Creative Journaling as a mirror I look into where I see me - raw and unpolished, beautiful and successful and everything in between. It shows me everything if I allow it to do so.

  • It is also a way I can learn to play, and be whimsical if I so choose - something I'm not generally very good at. But my Paper Pages offer me no criticism so I feel safe to explore this playful side.

  • Here I can also allow my creative self to play without rules or expectations. I can experiment and push through the discomfort of creativity that doesn't want to always engage. 




That in the process, I create a beautiful book I can return to again and again, which offers me insights and wisdoms I would never have discovered by sitting down and trying to figure it out. This wisdom can then be captured through a process called Gleaning, which we will learn about on the day.






  1. I get the idea, but how do you actually do it?

  2. Do I need to be an artist?

  3. I'm not creative - how can I possibly do it?

  4. Where can I learn to do this?





  1. This process centres around filling your journal with images and words that delight you, and leaving spaces where you might want to write one day.  Generally, unless you are exploring a specific topic, you won't select these images for a specific purpose. The magical thing about it is, that you don't have to progress through the book in order, so you might choose any pre-prepared page on a particular day that you feel drawn to. The workshop teaches a variety of different ways you can fill your pages. 

  2. And do you need to be an artist - not at all? We are ALL creative in some way, even though you may feel that you aren't. 

  3. Even though you may feel you are not creative, there are many different techniques you can learn to fill your pages in ways that will appeal to you. If you can use scissors and glue you can do this.

  4. I am constantly amazed by how relevant my different pages become, even though I don't know why I've chosen those words and images when I initially create the page.  I only know that I love them or I am drawn to them in some way.

  5. You can learn to do all of this at the Dreaming On Paper Workshop. Sign up below to get started!

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