Extra Small Paintings

For a long time, I thought that I would never be able to collect original art, that it was too expensive. A couple of years ago I began attending exhibitions and buying smaller pieces. A dipping of my toe in the proverbial waters so to speak.


I can't tell you how much pleasure those pieces give me.  You may think this is funny, after all, am I not a professional artist myself? Well yes, I am, however, I do enjoy having other artists works, as well as my own, hanging on my walls. Also, I like to support my fellow artists where I can.

While I was away over the holidays, I began to think about this and realized that most of my pieces are beyond many peoples price range.  Was there anything I could do about that - I thought to myself?

The result of that conversation with myself was an idea to work on painting one small painting a week, alongside my larger works. However, I soon found that I was setting the bar too high as the works entailed a lot more than I originally thought they would. So I have revised my output to a fortnightly effort for now. These are little baby paintings 20 x 20 cm or 8" x 8". Each work will be the same small price - $130 if you live in Australia.


This will give you the opportunity to begin an original collection for only a small outlay if you like one of my pieces. As I'm currently working on a landscape series the first ones will be landscapes.

I invite you to enjoy the selection below. If you bookmark this page,  and come back regularly, you will see fresh new works each time you visit. The newest works being found from the top left hand corner.