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Extra Small Paintings

For a long time, I thought that I would never be able to collect original art, that it was too expensive. A couple of years ago, I began attending exhibitions and buying smaller pieces. A dipping of my toe in the proverbial waters, so to speak.


I can't tell you how much pleasure those pieces give me.  You may think this is funny; after all, am I not a professional artist myself? Well, yes, I am; however, I do enjoy having other artists' works, as well as my own, hanging on my walls. Also, I like to support my fellow artists where I can.

While I was away over the holidays, I began to think about this and realized that most of my pieces are beyond many people's price range.  Was there anything I could do about that - I thought to myself?

The result of that conversation with myself was an idea to work on painting one small painting a week alongside my larger works. However, I soon found that I was setting the bar too high as the works entailed a lot more than I originally thought they would. So I have revised my output to a fortnightly effort for now. These are little baby paintings 20 x 20 cm or 8" x 8". Each work will be the same small price - $130 if you live in Australia.


This will give you the opportunity to begin an original collection for only a small outlay if you like one of my pieces. As I'm currently working on a landscape series, the first ones will be landscapes.

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