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Golden End Of Summer_200_dpi.jpg

Golden End of Summer

56 x 76cm   22" x 30"

As you can see, I am working on a series of paintings of the same place. Why do I do this you might ask?

If you look at each of the three works to date in this series, you will see that the first is in a similar area but not the same one as the second two.In the first one I was mainly exploring the colour and rolling hills, getting a feel for their structure and feeling back into memory of that place.

In this work, I haveworked to bring the viewer into a closer embrace within the hills, by reducing the sky.

This work also contains an exploration of the rich tactile quality of the paint which you can see in the foreground trees, echoing the lucious, sensuality of the magnificient autumn colours. And all this floats in front of the towering, stately mountains behind.

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