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A Peony Ressurected

It sometimes happens that I will paint a work that I'm reasonably satisfied with, but I still feel it is perhaps missing something I can't quite put my finger on. The work below is such a painting, which has been simmering away on the back burner for quite a while now. So after I had finished Beauty Revealed I decided to get this one back up on the easel and see how it might be improved.

I began with the top right hand corner and placed a window and wall section in there.

A Quiet Place - Detail
The image to the left was the beginnings of the window and the one above, the completed version.

The next task to tackle was a subtle change in the colour palette. I began this by changing the centre.

Even though I didn't mind the colours I first put in they just really didn't work with the rest of it and it took a few days of fiddling around to get something that finally sat well with everything else. I had initially thought to use a similar palette to Beauty Revealed, however it just clashed with the bones of what I had already established here.

Instead of using the magentas in the centre I opted for a warmer orangey pink with not too much yellow. The original painting had too much yellow and I was trying to get away from that.

This was my final solution which as you can see, works a whole lot better.

With that sorted, I then did quite a lot of adjustments to the rest of the painting. Below is the finished work. You will note that I have even changed the sky in the background again, if you compare it to the initial laying in. Sometimes you cannot really know if everything will work together until you reach almost the end of the work. Then it is a case of a lot of to-ing and

fro-ing all over the painting until everything is sitting nicely together.

NEXT WEEK: Why I love to share the Journaling Process

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