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A Busy Month In The Studio!

So its the end of the month again - wow and the end of the year is racing up really quickly now.

This month has been very busy in the studio with two paintings sold, - both being landscapes of New Zealand.

A Road Less Travelled


Many thanks to my online gallery - Bluethumb.

Then there were the usual classes - five classes a week

Working in the studio

And I also began facilitating a new online drawing class. This is not something I’ve done before and involved a lot of preparation and vertical learning curves to do with technology. Specifically using Zoom and figuring out how to actually demonstrate something to the class. I figured that out in the end using my iPad, linked to Zoom. Anyway, needless to say a lot of time was gobbled up getting that all happening.

Here I am demonstrating drawing elipses

Alongside all of that I kept up my daily drawing practice ...

and I’m currently working on a rather large painting.

Thanks for dropping by....

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