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A Day or Two In The Life of an Artist

I would like to begin this post by saying, never underestimate the power of personal connection and where that can lead.

One thing I like about being an artist, is that there is a great diversity in what you get to do. Although many days may be the same, there are exciting bits along the way that make for an interesting life.

This particular story begins probably 15 years ago at a networking event for small to medium businesses interested in incorporating creativity and innovation into their workplaces. The event took place at Ourimbah university where I had gone along to see what I might be able to learn and contribute, as creativity has always been a passion of mine.

At break time I began chatting with a woman who was in the senior management arena of the electricity industry. She had a very open mind and a direct no-nonsense approach to business and life. Thus began a 15 yr friendship, especially when we discovered we were both expat kiwis, with a common heritage and the same quirky sense of humour.

It was to her place I went last week, to deliver a painting of mine, which she has bought for her new home. Now you might wonder why I didn't just send it by courier. That would have been the easy option, however, I hadn't seen her for a few years and thought this would be a great opportunity to take a short break, catch up and perhaps find some new painting subjects along the way. I'd not been to Southern Gippsland before.

Sydney airport
Take off

To this end I packaged the painting up in a long black plastic tube and undertook a very long journey to get there.

Snow on the mountains - looking cold!

It takes 9 hours to get from her place to mine, travelling by car, train, plane,

On the Bus to Southerncross station - Melbourne

bus, taxi, and car again.

The next morning it was time for the unveiling. This meant unwrapping the precious package, with a little help from Smudge.....

Hmmm... this looks like a good place to curl up in front of the fire!

retrieving an extra stretcher bar from my suitcase, and reassembling it all on her dining room table.

Stretching a painting
Now I have all the bits and pieces - what's next?

This can be a tricky process restretching a painting onto stretcher bars because you have to line up the edges of the painting perfectly so they are placed where they were originally and you don't get overlapping in the wrong spots.

Stretching a painting
Ok the painting's unrolled and I'm ready to start

You also want to avoid stretching the canvas too much and cracking the paint surface......

Stretching a painting
The job's half finished

Taking a short break . A bit nerve wracking, I must say.

Stretching a painting
Adding the hanging cord

Now for the easy bit.....

Stretching a painting
Finishing touches

And then it was time to let Rosie have a look at her precious purchase.....

Joy, an oil painting by Kadira Jennings
How did she feel about it - 'Joy on the wall'

Rosie was so delighted with her painting and its name which is Joy, she decided over the next few days that it represented unfolding Joy in her life, and that is what she felt every time she looked at it.

Thank you Rosie .

Next week: Insights from my trip to Melbourne.

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