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Adventures in Kiwi Land

I got back from my holiday in the motherland last week. It was so refreshing to get away from the smoke, and country that seems to have the very land at war with itself. I was thinking that, you know, it seems kind of ironic that the country that is experiencing the most brutal climatic events currently, is Australia, the very country who's politicians are climate deniers. Not only that, the present ruling party in Australia has deeply tied roots into the Coal and Gas Industry , which is what they're obviously trying to prop up. Mother Nature's revenge ....... perhaps. Just thought I'd mention that!

So leaving those grim thoughts behind, I have a small photo adventure for you today. Here is a little piece of quintessential Kiwi land.....

Quintessential kiwi
Quintessential kiwi.

And of course, who can go past a gorgeous sunset?

Liquid Gold
Liquid Gold....

look at hose amazing colours in the water - molten liquid gold, washing up on to a .... I mean what colour would you even call that sand?

Natures bounty
Natures bounty

One day we spent exploring an abandoned house near us. The Agapanthus are in full bloom, an absolute riot of colour. Did you know they are also called Lily of the Nile?

Whispers on the wind
Whispers on the wind.

One afternoon I took my granddaughter out for a photography session. I lent her my camera while used my phone and here is one of the lovely shots that she took. It was great fun doing this together.

An evening walk on the beach
An evening walk on the beach

And so much joy catching up with my sister whom I only see once a year or less as she lives in Germany.

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