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Behind the Scenes of Art Studio Chaos: An Interesting Explanation.....

The Art Studio Meltdown: A Story of Chaos and....... Creativity?

Well certainly the former and not really the latter.

Normally my art studio is a place of inspiration and creativity, a place where I bring my ideas to life. But what happens when the studio is suddenly disrupted by an expected electrical maintenance? Chaos, frustration and a bit of timetable rearrangement - that's what.

Coming up we are facing a scheduled power outage. The power supply to the studio will be disrupted, for at least eight hours as the electricity company has to carry out some maintenance work and this would mean my students being left in the dark, quite literally or else having to cancel the classes. Or if it is on one of my painting days I won't have enough light to paint by.

Neither of these scenarios being a good option we decided to wire the house up to support a generator. (When I say 'we' that would be John my partner ). This will not be the first time we have been stranded without power for an extended period of time. On a previous occasion we went three weeks without power after a particularly bad storm! And yes we did have a generator set up for essentials but that led to a great tangle of extension leads going every which way and creating a tripping hazard.

So we had some special circuits wired up in the house this week, which involved getting into spaces that aren't normally accessible. And why aren't they accessible - well ..... because they are supporting other things - like stuff that needs to be stored. Usually that table above is sitting in this space below........

And here is my easel stranded in the middle of the floor to the accompanying sounds of drilling through bricks.

So a loss of painting time happening here!!

Frustrating, but all necessary for a future with no frustration!

And so the sun sets on another day in the life of an artists studio!

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