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Book Review: A Survival Guide For Artists

There are many books out there about making art, art as a practice, and art as a business. The book I'm reviewing today, 'Survival Guide For Artists" - is about how to thrive in the creative arts. It is a great book which is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 deals with issues common to the body mind and spirit of creative individuals.

Part 2 is about the issues that arise when artists take their creativity to the outside world.

I like the way the author has divided the book ino the internal part of an art practice and the external part. So she has divided Part 1 into the following subjects:

  1. Overcoming the fear of a blank canvas.

  2. Get in the zone.

  3. Be inspired.

  4. Develop your artistic voice.

  5. Deal with isolation.

  6. Acknowledge your sensitivity.

  7. Maintain a healthy body.

  8. Be kind to yourself.

  9. Set SMART goals.

  10. Plan your creativity.

The second half of the book is then divided into sections that cover these topics;