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Book Review: A Survival Guide For Artists

There are many books out there about making art, art as a practice, and art as a business. The book I'm reviewing today, 'Survival Guide For Artists" - is about how to thrive in the creative arts. It is a great book which is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 deals with issues common to the body mind and spirit of creative individuals.

Part 2 is about the issues that arise when artists take their creativity to the outside world.

I like the way the author has divided the book ino the internal part of an art practice and the external part. So she has divided Part 1 into the following subjects:

  1. Overcoming the fear of a blank canvas.

  2. Get in the zone.

  3. Be inspired.

  4. Develop your artistic voice.

  5. Deal with isolation.

  6. Acknowledge your sensitivity.

  7. Maintain a healthy body.

  8. Be kind to yourself.

  9. Set SMART goals.

  10. Plan your creativity.

The second half of the book is then divided into sections that cover these topics;

  1. Live the dream.

  2. Enlist supporters and managed saboteurs.

  3. Cope with rejection.

  4. Be persistent not a pest.

  5. Build a reputation.

  6. Communicate effectively.

  7. Accept challenges.

  8. Deal with stress.

  9. Recognize the myth of luck.

  10. Enjoy success.

If you are interested in any of these topics, the book gives some great advice, tips and strategies. It is a very useful addition to your bookshelf. I have a virtual copy with my ebooks or you can get the paper copy from Book Depository

Learn how to thrive in the creative arts. This life-changing book reveals the secrets of unlocking your full potential by addressing the issues common to the mind, body, and soul of artists and other creative individuals. Discover simple and effective ways to nurture your creativity, manage destructive influences from outside sources, and guide the direction of your life with joy. You can live your artistic passion and thrive while doing it!

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