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Come And Spend A Day or Two With Me...

Why would you want to come and spend the day with me? Well, in March I am repeating the first Colour Workshop on March 10, so if you missed out the first time round, you have another chance now.

I am also conducting another full day workshop designed to enhance your painting knowledge. This day is dedicated solely to deepening your understanding about the subject of value. How dark or light is a colour and why is that important?

What You Will Learn:

1. Recap the Double Primaries Colour System. 2. To understand a complex value chart and understand how these values show up in a painting. 3. To understand the difference between a Major, Intermediate, and Minor colour/ Value scale and their subordinate keys. 4. Recreate a Colour Key Value Wheel, which relates the black and white values, to the same values in colour. This is something that even experienced painters can struggle with, ie.understanding the value of a colour in relation to where it is on a black and white value scale. 5. Practice mixing colours to a mid-tone grey - Colour Value matching 6. Learning about Blacks and mixing greys.

Find out more about it here:

Early Bird Bookings are now open, so don't delay as these workshops fill really fast.

NEXT WEEK: What The Heck Is Dreaming On Paper?

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