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Come Into My Studio.....

The last half of this year has been pretty busy in the studio including November. This year I sold several paintings which means I have to get busy again doesn't it? Since my last Studio post, I've sold one more work 'The Golden End of Summer. I do believe online sales have definitely increased substantially this year's thanks to covid, at least it's been good for something!

So thanks once again to Bluethumb - they are rockin it this year, and of course to my VSP* who purchased it.

Selling a work, of course involves the time consuming job of packaging it up for it's journey to a new home.

Spending more time in the studio also meant having a bit of a clean up - and I suspect I wasn't the only one doing that. From all accounts, there was a lot of renovating and reorganizing going on this year.

Then of course there was my daily drawing practice....

I use my drawing practice as a kind of meditation, as well as an opportunity to look at the image I'm drawing and think about how I might paint it and what changes I might like to make to the image.

I seem to have spent about an equal amount of time working on two concurrent bodies of work this year, landscapes and flowers, both of which are subjects dear to my heart. I have also received several awards for my work, which is always nice.

Looking forward to next year - my current landscape series will be expanded..... The two works below are the beginning of this series.

And here is my latest flower painting.

Small peony painting
"Crimson Blush" ⁠ 28x28 cm or 11"x11" $250.

The 'piece de la resistance', my last hurrah for the year will be in one of Decembers posts - the finishing touches are going on it now. It is a much larger work and has taken me 2 months to complete. It is 122x122cm or 48"x48". I will soon be releasing it on Bluethumb, within the next couple of weeks.

* I call my collectors VSP's - Very Special People - because they are very special to me.

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