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Connect with Fellow Art Lovers at The Other Art Fair Sydney

Discovering Artistic Brilliance at The Other Art Fair Sydney


The Other Art Fair Sydney, is a renowned platform for emerging and independent artists. It recently showcased a diverse and captivating array of artwork. This vibrant event at the Cutaway, Bangaroo, provided a great opportunity for art enthusiasts and collectors to engage with up-and-coming talents. In this blog post, I will explore the works of 3 artists that really caught my eye: Ruta Krau, Anna Carien Goosen, and Josh Dykgraaf.

Sydney skyline near The Cutaway
Sydney skyline near The Cutaway

Ruta Krau:

Ruta Krau's thought-provoking artworks delve into the complexities of human and spiritual identity. With a fusion of photography and drawing, Krau constructs visually striking pieces that challenge conventional notions of self-perception. She says "In my visuals I strive to demonstrate a fusion of abstraction and symbolism. It is a perfect medium to express my spirituality, dreams and imagination. Symbols used have deep personal meaning.

In her paintings she invites us to go deeper towards knowing Oneself and the Universe. To regain the faith in it and remember that there is more than just our flesh. To get the power and responsibility for our lives back. To choose light and play with it.

Her work has a distinctly ethereal quality to it.

Ruta Krau
Vision No.4 | 2022 10

Anna Carien Goosen:

In her Artist Statement she says " My work is layered, figurative and portrays an ambiguous space where interior and exterior reality merge.

I observe the physical and emotional space around individuals, fascinated that our minds shift seamlessly between various physical, virtual and emotional realities. Intrigued by these blurred boundaries, I play on the border between dream and reality, strength and fragility, control and abandon.

Nature forms a huge part of my sensory experience and is used as a symbol for realities felt but not seen. I focus on light and movement, taking joy in the alchemy of oil paint and the ancient abandon of charcoal."

I love her blend of fantasy and realism.

Josh Dykgraaf:

He says of his art practice, "My personal work (and much of my commercial work) features manipulation of my own photography. Each piece typically takes 30-80hours of work and contains thousands of Photoshop layers.

For the last few years my work has centered my series “Terraform”, which explores the relationship between various animals and their habitat.

Currently, my focus is on the effects of climate change on our world.

My real passion though is creating things that have an impact on people.

His images are composed of many and varied things, ie birds with wings of leaves as in the photo to the left.

This beautiful piece is based on the Australian Pygmy Possum, a critically endangered species with only a few small ranges of habitat remaining. It’s thought that there are less than 2,000 individuals remaining.


The Other Art Fair Sydney showcased an impressive roster of artists, each with their own unique vision and style. Ruta Krau, Anna Carien Goosen, and Josh Dykgraaf stood out among the talents on display, capturing the hearts and minds of visitors with their extraordinary artworks. The fair served as a reminder of the power of art to provoke emotions, challenge perceptions, and inspire profound contemplation. As we celebrate the diversity and innovation within the art world, events like The Other Art Fair Sydney continue to provide a vital platform for emerging artists to showcase their creativity and connect with audiences who are eager to explore the forefront of contemporary art.

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