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Core Question #2

Cave painting
Secret Spaces

Continuing on from last week's post - the second question to ask yourself is: Where does my art come from?

This is also a very interesting question when you stop to really think about it.

Here are some of the insights I've had when thinking about this question for myself. Some of these thoughts may resonate with you or, they may set you off on a track of thinking about where your own work comes from?

I don't believe the question is about how skilled I am or how many accolades I have. Rather it is about how it comes through me and what gets put into that mix.

On deeper reflection, I realized that all my work contains my past, present, skill, knowledge, and my Soul's journey. It comes from intuitively following the unseen and unknown, which is not known until the painting is finished. Paradoxically the tighter I try to grab hold of that unknown, the more elusive it becomes.

I must relinquish conscious control, trusting my ability to make the right marks and trusting in my partnership with the Creator's guiding hand. Whenever I attempt to replicate exactly, the work becomes tight and fussy and the language of beauty and the creative energy which I am constantly working to bring to the canvas, eludes me.

My art also comes from an intimate knowledge of the subject which is then distilled, simplified and channelled into a new perspective.

Where does your art come from? Please share your thoughts.

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