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Core Question #3

Now I come to the third and final question: What is the intrinsic value of my art?

A lot of people stumble with this question because it is closely tied to their own self worth and value. If you have any not being enough thoughts or feelings, in any dimension, whether that's being worthy or skilled enough or any other word you might like to put after not enough, then it will surely raise its head here.

For me, one of the important things to realize in determining the value of my art, was that we are all equal in our creator's eyes and therefore we all have value. Who am I to say that her, or his, or my value is any more or less than anyone elses. That is clearly a value judgement. My value as an artist lies in the fact that what I create is intrinsic to me. My art is born out of the development of a particular skill set, my past history and my own personal development, these things are all part of my creative kit bag and are unique to me when taken in their entirety. Another person may have a similar experience to mine, but their emotional reaction to that experience their thoughts and the meaning they place upon it will be different from mine.

Therefore the intrinsic value of my work lies in the fact that it is the container of a unique energy being manifested into the world. To not use my gifts is to deprive the world of possibilities that can never be manifested in the same way by another person. Furthermore, these creations deserve to be born. I would love to know your thoughts on this subject.

Key image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

Painting Heartland - Kadira Jennings

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