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Creating Harmony, Art & Life Tips

Contrast is a n essential ingredient in many artworks. It is through contrast that I can create drama, mood, and tension within a work.

Contained within contrast is the idea of balance or harmony, the harmonious interaction of sometimes opposing forces, flavours, or things in contrast. Harmony/balance may be achieved in any number of ways, although in art the most balanced visual arrangement of pieces is not necessarily one where the pieces are equally balanced. In fact an equal proportion of light and dark, for example is more likely than not to lead to a dull composition. Balance for many people often brings to mind the figure of justice holding her equally balanced scales. or the yin yang symbol.

Justice With Sword And Scales

In art however harmony is often achieved by a counterbalance of something small in a larger opposing area, perhaps a complimentary colour or shape. how do you bring harmony into your Life, your Art.

Blue trees counterbalanced with orange light

We can apply these principles to our lives as well. Often we think we are required to do something big to get noticed. But is that true? What are we all seeking…… connection, recognition, love, joy, happiness? What are the things that truly delight us? Often it is something small – that touch of red in a green painting – a bunch of flowers given unexpectedly, a hand written card posted in the mail for no special reason.

When was the last time you created delight in your life with a small act of harmony?

Pix Credits:

Blue Trees: Painting , Kadira Jennings

Image by Yin Yang: OpenClipart-Vectors

Justice Image: Gordon Johnson from Pixabay

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