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Does Your Life Make Your Soul Sing?

I guess the first thing to consider before you answer all of the questions below is the first part of question one. What are the things you truly love to do in life? Are they similar things or a variety of different ones?

In my experience, I think they have sometimes crept up on me unawares, which has made the experience even more electrifying. There was one moment in particular I remember. - I was driving home late at night along the freeway. I was in the early days of my self development journey and I was returning after a weekend workshop which had been quite challenging to say the least.

As I was driving down that freeway, listening to a favourite piece of music, all of a sudden I experienced the most incredible feeling of joy, freedom, and crystalline clarity all rolled into one. It was bliss on steroids - the music got louder and the car probably went faster - well I felt like I was flying. I'm pretty certain that driving a car in the middle of the night is not really the best place to have an experience like this.

I have some questions for you I'd like you to consider quite deeply.........

  1. What makes your soul sing? Make a list of all the things you can think of.

  2. How often do you do any of these activities? Would it be daily, weekly, monthly or heaven forbid yearly?

  3. Are there other things that you could add to your list of things that make your soul sing? List them now.

  4. When was the last time you did any of the things on your list?

  5. So if you did more of these things that make your soul sing, on a regular basis, how much do you think the quality of your life would improve?

There are different ways that I can access that state of Soul Singing. Even if I am struggling to think of those things that really make me feel uplifted, a simple way to enter that state is to revisit a previous incident were I had that experience as related above.

For some people that experience might be the day a partner proposed to them, or the wedding itself. These kind of events are usually highlights in peoples lives. Even if you no longer have that partner do you still have the happiness of that Day to Remember? It might be the birth of a child or something that you achieved, a goal you work towards that you had difficulty in achieving.

Or it could be something as simple as seeing a beautiful sunrise, or observing one of Nature's other wonderful creations.

These things of course, vary person to person, being as unique and individual as we all are. So as an artist if you are creating paintings, pots, sculptures or any other thing, is this an activity that makes your heart sing. Now I would have to say as a caveat to this, that every creative journey is clearly not without it's highs and lows. There will be times during the creation of something that your heart is definitely not singing! However, for myself I can only say of this, I recognize it as part of the creative journey I'm on and so long as I keep my eye on the Horizon of my own Intent, ultimately my heart will be singing!

I guess there are essentially three ways I can live my life.

  • I can live in the moment being present, which really is all I have, the now.

  • I can be living for a future that never comes

  • or I can be living in the past what are the rejoicing or lamenting for what was.

But really the fact is that I really do only ever have the moment that I am in and it is what I choose to do with that moment that will determine whether my soul is singing or not.

I have come across many people in my life who spend their time lamenting and blaming others for the state of their lives. However, as I often try to tell my granddaughter, if I am blaming someone else for the fact that there is no joy in my life then I am unable to change that because I have no control over someone else and what they do.

It has been fascinating to be part of many conversations that have taken place over the last year around the morning tea table and to listen to people's different perceptions of how 2020 was as a year in their experience. Most people begin by saying it's the worst Year they've ever lived through, however what is interesting is that someone will usually volunteer the idea that it actually was a pretty good year for them. For example, those that didn't have to partake in a grueling four hour commute every day of their working lives, covid had very positive effect. There was a an extra 20 hours a week they could spend on themselves and for many of them it was even longer than that because their working hours had been reduced.

I think that for many of us, when we think we are having a negative experience we tend to get caught in a loop, a negative feedback loop. Being unable to stand outside of that and view it dispassionately, keeps us caught in the experience and blocked from considering what positive things might come out of it. Perhaps a little more insight and thoughtful consideration is what is needed on my part to line up those experiences that 'make my soul sing' in order to move forward into a life of ease and Grace.

Dance Image by inno kurnia from Pixabay

Wedding Image by Artistic Films from Pixabay

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