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Dress For Success - How Relevant Is This To An Artist?

Well, my BAD - I forgot to post this post last week! But here it is now....

Dressing for success. Is this something that is even relevant for artists? Why on earth would it even matter what we wear?

Unfortunately, whether we like it or not, many people do judge you by the clothes you wear. It is one of the social markers we use to help us navigate our way in the world.

Let’s face it, there are millions of artists out there in the world, all wanting a piece of the Art Pie. So yes, you do have competition, even though many artists are fairly non competitive creatures. One of the ways we can differentiate ourselves, is by the clothes we wear. In fact artists already have a reputation for being somewhat flamboyant in their dress code, heaven forbid I call it that. Many artists certainly push the appearance envelope and we see this happening at both ends of the age spectrum. You are just as likely to see a 60 something with pink hair as you are to see an 18yr old.

We can see the total opposite type of style in the two women artists below, each iconic in their own way.

Georgia O'keefe
From Georgia O'keeffe with her severe style to...

Frida Kahlo
The vibrant and flamboyant Frida Kahlo

Want I want to discuss here is how to dress for your Opening Night. Will you roll up in your paint spattered jeans and grungy T shirt or will you make a bit of an effort. You might think the paint spatters will make you unmistakably stand out as the artist - not a given.

Here are a couple of very good reasons why you might want to make an effort.

1. There seems to be an unwritten “art opening” dress code. People do dress up. The people that come along are making an effort for you. The least you can do is make an effort for them.

2. Art Openings carry a specialness to them. Free wine and nibbles are offered, there is an air of abundance and expectation. It is the artist's job to help people have that singular experience. So if you take care to look a bit polished, then you help to contribute to the success of your event.

3. When you make an effort to look your best, you are sending potential buyers an unwritten message. A message that you care about your appearance, which silently suggests that you also take pride in your work as an artist. It gives the collector confidence in you and your work and that your work has been executed with care and attention to quality.

4. It of course, also helps to identify you as the artist if you are distinctively dressed. Whether that is in your own creative style, or more formally.

5. It is also part of your branding and ought to be part of your marketing plan. Branding is important, it is what helps distinguish you from everyone else. Big businesses spend millions of dollars on their brands. You too can cultivate yours in small ways.

NEXT WEEK: Dreaming on paper....

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