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Exciting News - New Gallery Opens On The Central Coast

The gallery is in the second story

I am very excited share with you the news that a new gallery Casa Del Sol is opening on the Central Coast. The gallery is situated at Koolewong, above the Boathouse restaurant . It is a spectacular venue, filled with natural light and not only fabulous artwork, but beautiful views as well.

I am fortunate enough to have been invited to show my work with Casa del Sol. I delivered my paintings to the gallery on Tuesday and I believe there is going to be an opening function in a couple of weeks.

Paintings in the back of my car
The works are on their way

The Boathouse originally opened as Murphy’s Bay Restaurant, and was renamed The Boathouse in 2000. The current owner Eddie Zeman worked tirelessly, refurbishing the premises in 2007 and also 2015, and it has blossomed into its present state allowing it to best utilise the wonderful vista and floor area.

This great venue will now house two very complementary businesses. What could be better than an afternoon lunch and then wandering upstairs to take in the artworks. It is nestled on the beautiful shores of Brisbane Water at the new Koolewong Marina on the Central Coast where the restaurant offers 240 degrees of uninterrupted panoramic views of the waterways and the surrounding terrain. And the views upstairs are just as stunning.

It is always great to have an opportunity to show one's work somewhere new, especially in these times when so many bricks and mortar galleries are closing down.Another plus is the easy parking right outside.

Dining inside

I look forward to sharing more news as it comes to hand, and some photos of the gallery inside, once it is open.

NEXT WEEK: What Don't You See That Goes Into an Artwork, Part III - the third and final part in this examination of what goes on behind the scenes in creating an artwork.

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