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Fabulous Artists from The past - well One Actually. Who is it?

An artist I have admired for a long time is Lord Fredric Leighton.

He was an English artist who lived from 1830 to 1896. A painter and sculptor he became one of the leading figures of the Victorian art world. Leighton was particularly known for his classical and historical subjects, as well as his portraits and landscapes.

The work below 'Golden Hours' is a favourite of mine.

Leighton was born in Scarborough, Yorkshire, and studied at University College School and the Royal Academy Schools in London. He initially trained as a doctor but decided to pursue art instead. He traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, and his experiences in these places influenced his art. Leighton was known for his attention to detail and his use of color and light in his paintings. He was also interested in the human form and often painted figures in classical poses. Some of his most famous works include "Flaming June," "The Fisherman and the Siren," and "The Garden of the Hesperides."

I visited his house when I was in London a few years back and he has the most amazing room on the ground floor. It is tiled with incredible mosaics - The Arab Room. The story is told that he regularly asked his friends travelling to the Mediterranean countries, to bring back tiles for him.

Flaming June

Leighton was a founding member and the first President of the Royal Academy of Arts. He was also a member of the Royal Academy of Belgium, the Academie des Beaux-Arts in Paris, and the American Academy of Arts and Letters. He was knighted in 1878 and became a baronet in 1886. Leighton died in London in 1896 and was buried in St Paul's Cathedral.

If you are ever in London, I highly recommend a trip to his house - it is filled with his beautiful paintings and the Arab room is - well, breath taking. If you would like to see all his works check him out here

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