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Fantastic Opening Yesterday!!

This weekend saw the highlight of our year at the Art Classes Central Coast Art School, an exhibition by the students at the Community Gallery, part of the Gosford Regional Gallery in East Gosford. The exhibition was bumped in on Thursday afternoon with the help of many willing hands and looked fantastic once it was up.

Bump in, exhibition , regional gallery,community gallery
The trickiest part of hanging an exhibition is getting them all hanging straight and at the right level!

Yesterday, Saturday Novenmber 17, in the afternoon at 2pm we had the official opening to a packed gallery, with people coming from near and far. We had visitors from as far away as Sydney and Berowra. Thank you to everyone who came along. Also thank you to Tomi Danska who kindly sponsored our event, supplying wine from Kiss The Dirt Wines. A very drinkable rose too I might add!

The highlight of the opening was for me, was acknowledging the progress and wonderful work of my students throughout the year, by awarding certificates to the best in each field of endeavour. The Shining star of the event was Izabela Sajdok, a very talented young check woman who has only just completed her third painting and shows extrordinary artistic promise.

However I would like to say that she is the exception rather than the rule. Most of the rest of us and I include myself in this statement, only get there after thousands of kilometres of brush mileage.

The following students received awards:

Izabela Sajdok- Rising Star Award

Steve Allison - Oil Painting

Deb Manning - Pastels

Kimberly Watson - Colour Pencil/Drawing

Ava Reed - Watercolour

Rose Youlten - Acrylics

Mary Iyer - Best Art Diary

Warrick Hannon, Gilti Irwin and Penny Ross - Improvement In Your Art Practice

Gloria Santos - Encouragement Award

I celebrate my students for their courage, steadfastness, grit and sheer determination to produce the high standard of works that we saw in the exhibition, and I congratulate them also on having the courage to enter the exhibition and have their works hung in a public display.

Ooops - who left that spirit level up there?

A high note of the exhibition was the first sale - a delightful seascape by Hannah Teichert. Pictured below - Hannah and her collector.

And of course all these thankyous would not be complete without my special thanks for the lovely flowers my students gave me and the beautiful card filled with an abundance of kind words and thoughts. Thank you to the special person/s who organized that. Now I wonder how they knew Peonies are one of my favourite flowers?

EXHIBITION FINISHES TODAY AT 4PM - There is still time to see it if you haven't been yet

Next week: A Must See Exhibition in Sydney!

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