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Have You Read This Awesome Book: The Secrets of Natural Success?

Today's post is about influences. We are all influenced in life by different things, things that appeal to us for one reason or another. Artists are often influenced by other artists and you can see this in their work. It may be the palette they use, the way they apply the paint, subject matter, or a host of other things. I often review other artists in my blog posts and on social media. Today I'm doing something a little different. I am always looking for ways to live my life to a higher level and what I am sharing offers that possibility.

If you are interested in creating the things that you want in your life, more easily than you have up until now, I suggest you get this book, The Secrets of Natural Success, and have a good read of it. The author, William Whitecloud has tried and tested the techniques and theories in the book, over a period of several years, both in his own life and through the courses and workshops he offers.

I would like to share with you some opening remarks from his introduction.

" I did not sit down to write my commandments for living in alignment with Creative Spirit. Rather I sat down with the intention of allowing Creative Spirit to dictate through me Her instructions for engaging with Her for the purpose of co-creating outcomes in life, and most especially the sublime life all of us are quite capable of living...... it is a comprehensive guide to living life as an expression of our highest potential."

Well, I have to say that certainly got my attention, did it get yours? Not only has he written this book, but William has also put together a five-week course on its contents, which I am in the middle of doing. The content is very different from anything I have done before in the creative or personal development fields. William posits that we have a unique genius and offers a way to unlock this highest form of our creativity. Now that's something I'm up for - how about you? Go and get his book now - it will change your life if you allow it to!

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