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How to Store Your Studio Materials Like an Expert

One thing about an art studio is that there is always a potential mess lying around, or about to happen, or has just been tidied up. This week I'm bringing you some ideas for capturing some of that mess which may or may not help you depending on which medium you use.

Painting storage is something most of use find challenging. They take up a lot of room and storing them with out damage is problematic. Here is one solution, - one I'd love to have - but don't.

Although I did come across this quirky idea for painting storage when I was researching for this blog post and thought I might give it a go myself actually. Thanks to Jude Kai. If you check out his blog post you will see how to do it as he steps you through it.

Below is an idea for pen storage if that is your thing. I'm sure you could use it for other things as well and it might be constructed using different materials. A couple that spring to mind are toilet roll inner tubes, or cans. Use a hot glue gun to put them all together.

If you have room, this is a quirky idea. I'd love one of these. It's an antique cabinet with lots of different sized draws - yes please!

Of course storing papers is always problematic - and for that you really need something like these storage drawers below.

As for storing oil paints - well, here is what I currently use. Its not ideal but I don't have a better solution right now. The advantage is that it doesn't take up too much room. Ideally If it had a couple more drawers, I could spread the colours out a bit more. At the moment I have blues and greens, reds and yellow, and browns and earth tones, sharing drawers.

What do you have the most trouble storing?

And of course, then there is paintbrush storage. All those precious brushes need a great way to be stored.

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