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How To Succeed With Attitude

So to continue the ongoing discussion on ‘What makes a Successful Artist’, let me ask you if I may…. How do people generally describe you? Stand back and try to see yourself as others do – it’s hard I know, but well worth the effort. Do they think of you as having a genuinely positive attitude? A Sunny personality? Are you a prankster, a dare-devil or a stern, taciturn sort of character? Are you just a weeny bit, or a great big bit on the negative side of the balance scale? The thing is that if you want to sell your work, at some point you are going to have to develop relationships with your buyers and or, gallery owners. How you relate to others is actually extremely important because it determines -

1. How well you can attract great opportunities to you and

2. How effectively you are going to interact with both your patrons and your galleries.

Now that you have the answer to that question here is another for you….. How can you improve? What are some things you might practice in all your interactions with other people?

You know one thing that really affects how others perceive us is our physicality. When we stand erect, with shoulders back and smile, we give off a presence of confidence and professionalism that we might not be feeling on the inside. So that is just one thing you might practice.

Smiling is such a powerful thing. Have you ever walked down the street and just nodded and smiled at everyone you pass. You never know how much difference you will have made to that person’s day by acknowledging and appreciating them. Also, doing this makes you feel so much better yourself – try it some time if you haven’t.

Little children know how to be joyful – even babies – and don’t they make us smile! See how they attract us and open our hearts to them – even before they can speak!

This weeks question: What other things might you do to get into a happy positive state?

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