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How To Wake Up your Creativity, Creativity: The Power of Random Influences

I want to share a story with you today. This particular incident happened to me a long time ago when I was in around year ten I think. I was sitting in an English class studying poetry, when my teacher, trying to instil some passion into our young hearts told us of something that she had noticed on the way to work. What had captured her interest was the stark beauty of a stand of leafless trees at the end of the freeway, Unadorned branches against the winter-pale, sky and how that beauty had filled her heart with joy on her way to work.

I don't remember her name or really any other thing from her classes, except that beautiful image and whenever I see trees without their leaves I have a renewed appreciation for them, derived from those random comments that she made. Somehow she connected to something in my soul and ever since then I've noticed trees, particularly stark branches against a stunning sky.

That woman will never know the effect she had on my young soul and how her words have stayed with me till this very day.

My point is, that if we are aware and open to possibilities within our environment, they can have an impact that affects us even many years later. Importantly, they filter up to the surface of our creative melting pot and influence the way we create.

There are different ways to wake up your creativity and the influence of Random events, such as throwaway comments by other people, is one of these. What else can trigger a response to our dormant creative impulses do you think? I know for myself, that often images in movies stay with me and become incorporated into my work.

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