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Ideas To Inspire You.

Inspiration – where can we find it?  How can we be constantly inspired?  Inspiration, strangely enough, is something we have to work at.  It requires feeding.  Our work is to find the food to enable it to germinate.

This tip is not a new one but it is an invaluable one.  How many of you have read about Artist Dates on the blog? What is an Artist Date?

It is taking time out on your own to feed your creative soul. It is doing things you like to do that you don’t normally do. This activity fills up the creative gas tank, so to speak. It gives you ideas to draw on when it comes time to create. Here are some ideas –

Visit the library. Here you will find access to books, DVD’s, CD’s, magazines etc

Take a walk – on the beach, in the forest, in nature

Visit some antique shops

Go to a craft market

Spend an afternoon doing a gallery jaunt

Go to the botanical gardens

Pick a subject and take yourself on a photography shoot

Sit in a favourite cafe and journal about your process - take a walk afterwards and snap some photos.

What inspires me? Something that feeds my inspirational fires for a long time, is my annual visit to NZ. I find so much there that fills my soul and keeps me going for the coming year and beyond. Even now, the new landscape series I am doing is being driven by some beautiful photos and memories from a visit to the South Island around 18 years ago.

Here is one of the photos

And here is one of the latest paintings...

Autumn trees in Cardrona
Autumn Lingers

For other works in the series take a look HERE

And last but not least - hot off the easel this week...

Beside The River Bed,tree painting
Beside The River Bed

These are just a few ideas – add to them or make a new list and then commit to doing one of them every week!!

Keep a journal of where you go and what you do – add any interesting things you pick up along the way.  You are then building an invaluable resource for yourself the next time you feel inspirationally challenged!

NEXT WEEK: How does curiosity help your creativity?

Photo Credits: Top image by kamalpreet singh from Pixabay

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