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Is There Anything Exciting Happening in the Studio This Month? Studio Update.

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Art studios can be enchanting places where creativity thrives, your imagination runs wild, and masterpieces come to life. These vibrant spaces are not just rooms filled with paintbrushes and canvases but rather a realm of possibilities.

My studio is a space where as an artist, I unleash my innermost thoughts and emotions. Within the walls of my art studio, exciting things can unfold, as I push the limits of my ability and imagination. This of course results in paintings. However only painting them is not enough, one needs a wider audience to appreciate them. With that in mind I have entered one online exhibition and one contest this month.

So the excitement in Studio KJ in June is that my work has won two awards.

Cathedral cove beach near Hahei in New Zealand
Coastal Sanctuary 20"H x 30"W 50.8cm H x76.2cm W $1500

The above painting won an international award this month, a Merit Award from Grey Cube Online Gallery in their June 2023 landscapes competition.

merit award for Kadira Jennings

And the painting below I entered in a competition to be featured on the cover of an international art magazine, ArtIDEAL Magazine.

A contemporary painting of Mare's Leg Cove, artIdeal, kadira jennings
Nature's Hidden Jewel

Below is the response I received for my entry.

"I am pleased to let you know that although you were not selected for publication on the covers, your work "Nature's Hidden Jewel" really stood out to me and you have been selected as a Contest Finalist."

finalist certificate CFA online

That is one form of excitement that visits an art studio! Next on the list is a group show in August - but more on that later.

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