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It’s Sold!

Mysterious Waters,Kadira Jennings
Mysterious Waters - SOLD!

On Friday, I was checking my email box just before I went to bed and found a

delightful surprise - an email from online gallery Bluethumb congratulating me on

the sale of a painting. I have sold plenty of paintings before, but what was

special about this one, was that it was my first online sale.

So what happens when you sell online. When you are working with a gallery like

BlueThumb, the whole process is so much easier, than if you are doing it all yourself. They send you instructions telling you exactly what you need to do. They organise the courier for you, and all you have to do is pack the painting.

courier, packing,selling artwork
All Packed up and almost ready to go - just the address to add.

The first thing was to make sure it was all ready to go, which it was. I always add a little extra something as a surprise for my collector and of course, my especially printed and signed Certificate of Authenticity....

I also include my biz card and or my flyer. Then I needed to wrap the painting in bubble wrap and find a cardboard box to post it in. Next comes, labelling, tick, return address, tick, all taped up, tick. The courier came on Monday afternoon and off it went to a new home!

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