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It's Sold!!

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Now there are two words that are music to every artist's ears. In this case, the words appeared in my inbox last week, in an email from Bluethumb online gallery.

However I really was caught unawares this week and had a lesson brought home to me about being more methodical in my studio practice. Owing to the fact that this painting sold so fast, only a couple of weeks after I finished it, I hadn't completed any of the finishing touches. What are these exactly?

Painting around the edges. and the rest.......

SO in case you missed some of the steps here they all are:

  • As I said, painting around the edges or framing the work if that is what you do.

  • Trimming the canvas on the back and sticking brown tape all around.

  • Putting D rings and string/ wire on the back for hanging purposes.

  • Making sure you have a high res photograph of the art work.

  • Cataloguing the work in your inventory program.

  • Making sure you have signed it.

  • Creating a certificate of authenticity

  • Packaging the art work securely and including a note to the buyer and possibly a small gift.

  • Sending it off by post or courier.

  • And of course before it is sold and after it is finished there is the business of getting the work on line and all that entails.

All of which is pretty time consuming. So there is more to the creation of an artwork and it finally ending up in the collectors hands, than what meets the eye.

But wait - there's more! I entered the painting into three online international competitions last week and it made the final cut in all of them . I was also pleased to receive a merit a award from......

So all in all - life in the studio this month has had a pretty positive outcome.

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