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Jottings from an Artist's Journal

Artists journal
This entry is from February 2019 - happier days in a pre Covid world.

The writing is a bit hard to read, so I'm going to tease out the two main ideas I was looking at in this journal entry.

One is about the journaling process itself and the mystery of how it works. The pictures are important because the choosing of them is often triggered by my subconscious which knows that the image will provide a mechanism for exploration at a later date.

The light bulb is pretty self explanatory - but what about the watering can? I must confess that when I originally put it into the journal I had a big fat question mark about how useful that would turn out to be. However when I got there It seemed perfect for a further exploration of the the journaling process. As I state above - The watering can here is a symbol of the journaling process and the journal itself. You might ask - how could it be both?

Firstly the watering can is a container - as is the Art Journal. The journal becomes filled with ideas and observations, insights and musings. These are the water within the watering can.

The function of a watering can is to hold water which is poured on plants, enabling the plants to grow and flourish. In the same way the ideas and images in my Art Journal are watered by my attention both conscious and subconscious which allows my Art Practice to grow and flourish.

My Art Journals are one of the most important tools that I use in my art practice.

When I return to my journals, days or years later, they always tell me how I was thinking and how I have progressed - or not as the case may be. And it is through this process that I gain clarity in my own process.

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