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Journaling Your Imperfections Into Strengths

We all have imperfections and we all have strengths. This month's Journaling task is to examine how we might turn our weaknesses into strengths. The thing about imperfections is that they hinder our development, whilst strengths bolster it.

If you want to turn this around - for your imperfections, then it is time for some brutal honesty. Funny isn't it how we use that term in relation to honesty?

In your Art Journal, divide a page in half and on the left hand side, (Column 1) make a list of all the imperfections that are holding you back in your art practice.

On the right hand side (column 2 ) try to find words or phrases that suggest the opposite of those words you wrote on the left. Can you find more than one word or idea for each word in column 1? For example your list might look like this…..

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


1. Always being late 1. Being mindful, planning

2. Perfectionism 2. Lighten up, Allow looser work

3. Stubbornness 3. Delegate, lighten up

4. Control freak/issues 4. Delegate, Allow others to help

If you are a visual person you might like to do this exercise with pictures or words and pictures, something like the picture below. One thing doing this exercise did, brought to my attention, how those imperfections link to and feed off each other.

This then brings me to a question. Are some imperfections good things to have? For example being a ‘perfect’ control freak type of person is probably not something to aspire to. And in fact, perfectionism often gets in the way of being truly creative, so probably not a good thing. But, do you know someone who is like that who has learnt to work with it and turn it into a strength? If you do, ask them how they manage that. if that is something you need to know.

So too, some people see stubbornness as an imperfection and a weakness. However some times it can also be a great ally, as it can help you maintain stick ability when the going gets tough. I find this is a great exercise when you have reached a sticking point of some sort. The question then is, what skills do you have in your tool kit to overcome that hurdle and is it one of your 'imperfections' that is getting in the way. Perhaps you can identify a behaviour that has been holding you back. How can you turn that around into a strength?

My unruly palette - it got cleaned this time, BUT it seems to have been overtaken by some interlopers in the meantime!

NEXT WEEK: Another MUST HAVE skill for artists.... What is it?

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