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Mothers Day - Some Thoughts ....

Mothers, well we all have one, or had one. Some of us had good ones, some of us bad ones but regardless of how good their parenting skills they all have one thing in common. That one thing is that they nurtured us for 9 months within their own bodies and gave us a vehicle, an earth suit that has enabled us to exist here on planet Earth until this point and time.

This is arguably the greatest gift anybody has ever given you and no matter how good or bad our mothers were or are, Mother's Day is a time when we can stop to remember and give thanks for what she has given us.

The same can be said for our other mother, Gaia, who continues to make life sustainable upon the surface of this beautiful planet. How often do we stop and honour the earth which provides us with everything from the breath that we breathe, to the houses that we live in, the cars we drive, the food we eat and many other aspects of our daily existence.

How often do you walkout side and put your bare feet upon the Earth and feel her vibration, let

yourself communicate with her energy and beauty?

Perhaps this Mother's Day that is something that you could do. There is one thing that seems to separate what the "first world" countries would call the "primitive" cultures, from themselves and that is the way in which these earlier cultures maintain close connections to the Earth. They honoured her and treated her creatures with respect. This seems to be something we have forgotten how to do since we became "civilized". Take a walk in Nature and admire her beauty and give thinks for this lovely world we live in.

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