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I suspect that it is with a great deal of relief that we are all saying goodbye to 2020. I think 2021 might be the most welcomed new beginning for most of us in a long time. Perhaps we will be able to celebrate the return of so many things that we lost in the year of 2020. Perhaps you have regained some of these only to have them taken away again recently.

How many of the things in the list below did you lose in 2020? It is important to acknowledge and grieve those losses - otherwise they will fester inside you and cause illness, and you will not be able to let them go. For once you have let them go, you can bring in new energy and focus on creating a better situation for yourself.

So what were some of those lost things for you?

There were the big ones like, the loss of free speech, censorship on social media and mainstream media, to an extent never seen before, the loss of our right to create an income as we have chosen and the loss of personal freedoms, jobs, dreams, optimism, weekly art classes, bucket list trips, graduations, savings accounts, weddings, funerals, small and large businesses, worry-free retirements, Saturday morning yoga class routines, hugging, spontaneous plans, security, book parties, coffee with friends, chance romantic encounters on a unexpectedly fun evening, secret rituals on the commute to work, graduations, favorite restaurants, working in coffee shops, childhood innocence, colleagues, spontaneity, crowded pubs as a good thing, , birthdays, live music, dinner parties — all of it.

There’s also the tectonic losses of this year, the ones that undermine who we thought we were and where we were headed. Maybe it’s the loss of your belief that the future will fundamentally be okay; the belief that we live in a functioning democracy; the belief that even though I live on a very large island, I am always a simple plane ride away from the people I love and the country that is the home of my heart. For me this is one of the biggest losses this year - that I cannot return to my homeland and that in the future I may be forced to take an RNA Vaccine which forever alters my DNA or I wont be allowed back there. I find this terrifying, that our wold has come to such a state - far worse than George Orwell's 1984 - who would have ever dreamed back then, that life in 2020 would have surpassed such a state?


How do we remain sane and positive amidst a world gone mad? I believe there are two parts to this.

The first part as I said above, is to identify for each of us what we have actually lost and if we are likely to retrieve that again. If that seems unlikely then we need to grieve for the loss, or losses of those things until the heart is washed clear. Until this process has been done it will not be possible to actually move forward into the second stage of the process.

Once you have identified and grieved for and let go of those things, you can move forward into identifying your strategy for finding other joys in your life. It is the most important thing when living through this kind of trauma, because that is what it is, to identify what you can change and what will bring you Joy and Abundance and then to focus on bringing those things into your life.

I think one of the lessons for us all that we can take away from 2020 is to be present in the now, in the moment. To reconnect with nature and embrace her beauty and abundance that is always there if we can but appreciate it. Notice, The Small Things, such as the reflection of a rainbow in a drop, the sun shining on your back fence with the most delicious orange light as it begins to set for the day.

Smell the beautiful perfume of the neighbours frangipani tree as it drifts into your yard early in the early evening, or watch our friends the bees flying home laden with pollen sacs on their legs.

Stand with your feet on the ground, bare feet, feel the Earth nurture you and give thanks for her bounty.



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