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New Year, New Plans - How Do I Figure Out What's Best For 2022?

It’s coming to that time of the year - again. It happens every year funnily enough. Time for looking back so we can look forward. You need to know where you are before you can orient yourself in order to go forward.

To help you do that, here are some questions so think about. They can help you to gain some insight into what you have achieved in the past year and if you still want to pursue those goals.

1. Sometimes it helps to pare things down and bring them back to the core of what they are about. So in a word - what was 2021 for you? Did you begin the year with a word that you wanted to be your focus through the year? If you didn't what is a word to describe how the year was for you? In fact, even if you chose a word initially, it might be that the year panned out very differently and you want to choose a different word to represent how it actually was.

2. Once you have that word you can then tease it out. Choose 5 more words that will sit under your main word. You might choose areas of significance in your life to be represented by those words i.e. relationships, work, children etc. And then under each heading choose 5 more words - 2 = wins or gains, 2= challenges and the other one can be either. This is the power of fives.

3. After doing this look at how you want to go forward with the challenges presented by these 25 words.

4. Now to the questions -

A. Did you travel this year? Whether you did or didn’t asses how that affected you and what you will decide about traveling during 2022.

B. If you didn’t travel, did you holiday/take a break? How did this affect you? Was it a positive or negative outcome for your physical and mental health? How will this information support you to better outcomes in 2022?

C. What was the favourite book you read this year? Fiction/non fiction. Were there any messages for you in the stories you read and how might you apply them going forward?

D. Did you give back to your tribe or wider community this year? How did you do that? In what way might you pay something forward in the coming year?

E. How did you play this year? What did you do for the sheer joy of doing it? What will you plan to do next year? Can you double the amount of fun/play time?

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