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Not To Be Missed - This Weekend - The Waterline Exhibition

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

I am excited to be one of 13 Artists exhibiting in the ‘WATERLINE’ exhibition with The Makers Studio. The opening is this Saturday from 4-6pm at the Art Gallery, Cafe & Art RePublik Cafe, Ettalong Beach. Come join us for a fabulous exhibition with a very high standard of work, which showcases, Painters, Printmakers, Sculptors and Fibre Artists who offer diverse interpretations of the Waterline theme. Opening the exhibition is Michael Kempson Director of Cicada Press UNSW, Sydney. (Exhibition address: 27 Ocean Beach Road, Ettalong Beach. The Exhibition runs from the 6-20 of December, with all works available for purchase) My works in the exhibition are using the waterline as a psychological metaphor. where I focus on examining the weight of things and one's relationship to their environmental position i.e. where am I in relation to what I'm looking at? In the tradition of Malevich, I examine - am I inside looking out or outside looking in, am I above or below the waterline, am I the rock or the water and what does that mean in relation to my current environment? In the larger work, 'Overload,' I ask the viewer how they value their environment and how they choose to engage with it. Is it an adversary, or is it supporting them? Below is a snippet from that painting, which is a larger work 40x40.

My two smaller works in the exhibition, continue my examination of this subject. In ‘Feeling Empty’ I question my uncertainty to the relationship of water. Feelings of emptiness and solace are portrayed in an empty sky and a distant horizon contained within the rock itself.

Of the final work, ‘Gravitus’ my aim was to challenge myself and the viewer with the impermanence of change and how our perceptions of reality can be as transient as the tides.

If you would like to see the complete paintings come along to the opening. There are many wonderful works by the talented members of The Makers Studio. Come and see us @artgalleryonocean.

NEXT WEEK: How the exhibition went...

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