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Notes From The Studio

In this edition of Notes From The studio, I want to talk about a couple of important aspects of my studio practice. The first one is finding inspiration - a topic I often return to on the blog.

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2. Play

If you have been reading my blog for a while or following my Instagram you may be aware that one of my major inspirational sources is New Zealand. In fact, I have just returned from there. Two glorious weeks away from smoke, heat and incompetent politicians! I feel very blessed. You know sometimes we really don't appreciate things we take for granted, like clean air, until it has been taken away from us.

I knew the fires were affecting me, but didn't realize quite how much until I was surrounded by NZ's green hills and sweet-smelling air. Some of the Aussie bush fire smoke had drifted over to the land of the long white cloud - which is now looking rather more like the land of the long brown cloud.

So, my focus for the next few months in the studio will be to work on bringing some of that NZ serenity into my painting. Until then I leave you with some images captured while I was away, plus the last couple of paintings I finished in 2019.

The painting above was my last work in 2019 - Underneath Southern Skies. 56cm X 56cm AU$550

These two photos are snippets from the above painting.

In 2020 I plan to do a series of very small Paintings and

I suspect that these two images maybe some of them.

The following image was also completed in the last weeks of 2019.

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