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September Surprises? Take a Peek - Insights Into the Creative Process!

As winter gradually gives way to spring , there is a plethora of happenings at Studio KJ this September. From the many preparations for a November Group exhibition, to the debut of a captivating collection of art prints, taken from my floral paintings, the studio will be a busy place. Adding to that I am unveiling a new abstract painting style in oils, which all adds up to the studio being a hive of activity until the end of the year. Oh, and did I mention there is also a spring workshop on colour mixing on the cards.

The exhibition, title is 'POW" - Pieces Of Work. and you can interpret that any way you choose. Our artists are coming from diverse backgrounds, putting to canvas their emotions, experiences, and observations, into pieces that transcend time, and invite viewers to delve into their own memories and emotions. The studio is a place abuzz with creativity as canvases slowly come to life and classes continue to unfold each artist's skills. The countdown to November has begun, and we can hardly wait to share our passion with you. I will update you on the progress as we go.

Towards the end of September, my studio is set to unveil its first-ever collection of art prints. Carefully curated from my extensive body of flower paintings, these prints capture the essence of my artistic exploration of Mother Natures beauty. Some of you helped me to decide which prints to go forward with when you took part in my Floral Art Survey - for which you have my heartfelt thanks!

I have been careful to ensure that each print reflects the authenticity and soul of the original artwork. This collection is more than just a series of images; it's a testament to my dedication to making art accessible to a wider audience. There is a lot of work that has to go on behind the scenes to make this happen. So bear with me - I will get there, I've just got a few vertical, learning curves in the realm of cptr software to get a handle on first. Wish me Luck - I'm going to need it LOL!

Here are three images from the first collection. From the right is - Star of Ishtar, Unfolding Beauty and Delightful Secret.

A true artist is never content with resting on past laurels. As part of my ongoing commitment to artistic growth, I am excited to explore a more abstract painting style in oils beginning this month. This innovative approach involves a nail-biting landscape of experimentation and exploration, pushing the boundaries of my creative expression. It is fraught with the possibility of making un-rescuable mistakes and wasting a lot of paint in the process. (grimace)

Infused with vibrant colors, bold strokes, and a sense of spontaneity, these new abstract paintings in oils evoke emotions that words can scarcely convey. This style is a departure from my previous works, reflecting my desire to evolve while staying true to my artistic core. It is my hope that the play of light and shadow, the interplay of colours, and the unique texture of each piece will leave you inspired and contemplative. Here is a preview of one of the first ones....

As September unfolds, the studio is a whirlwind of activity, I feel like one of those whirling deverishes!

Join me on this incredible journey as I usher in a season of artistic curiosity and discovery. Your presence will make the tapestry of events complete, and I am excited to share these moments with you. Keep an eye out on my socials!

Whirling dervish, Marco Attano
Whirling dervish, Image by Marco Attano

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