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Spring Dancer - My Latest Painting Has Arrived

You know, the creative process is a tricky one. You never can tell, just how well things are going to go. My latest floral started off well, was tripping along quite nicely and then we, that is, the painting and I, came to a road block.

Started off flowing nicely

centre of rose painting
The centres are always tricky

Somehow, I always think flowers are going to be done much more quickly, than the time it actually takes. Even after I have all the paint on the petals, then there is the business of going back over some areas again, and in some cases several adjustments will need to be made.

rose petal
This petal must have gone through five different incarnations before it was finished!

Then after all of that the tone wasn't right, so I had to go over much of the lower half of the painting with multiple glazes to get it right. A glaze is a very thin coat of paint, which subtly alters the colour of the painting. I then let it dry and went over it again until I achieved the desired effect.

Spring dancer, flower painting, rose
And Voila you have the finished painting!

Oils on Canvas

24" x 33" 61 x 84 cm


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