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Studio Update - September News

As always, the studio this month has been busy. The icing on the cake was selling a painting this week. It is always such a nice surprise to look at your texts and see a message from Bluethumb saying, " Congratulations! <<Southern Hills>> has been sold on Bluethumb. Magic!

However that doesn't come without its own set of problems, particularly when you're caught unprepared and on the back foot. So I had to go out and rush around getting all kinds of packaging materials from all over the place, come back and create a packing box and then send the painting off. This is not as easy as it sounds, because you can't necessarily buy a right sized box and then when you do make a box you need to make sure that your painting fits snugly inside it.

So that was an unscheduled hiatus to Tuesday afternoon. It seems that one can plan but flexibility is the key because you never know when those plans are going to suddenly go awry!