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The Creative Journey: How Does Art Fuel Personal Development? Part 2

Continuing on from last week's conversation, let's look at some other aspects of how art fuels our personal development.

udents working during an Art Journaling Workshop
Students working during an Art Journaling Workshop

A really important aspect of the creative process is that it invites us to be present in the moment. Whether it's capturing the beauty of nature through photography or immersing ourselves in the rhythm of dance, engaging in art can be a form of mindfulness. Being fully present while creating or experiencing art can reduce stress, improve concentration, and enhance our overall well-being.

It can be a deeply satisfying experience, connecting our selves to hidden, unacknowledged parts of our selves. An interesting thing about it is, that the painting or dance is always a reflection of the state of being of the person who created it at that point in time. Your art doesn't lie. For example, even when you are learning, why do you choose the subjects to paint that you do? This is not about your skill level, it is about who you are in that moment of choosing to paint that particular sky, or lake etc. Why did you choose certain colours? Why were you drawn to it? How does it make you feel?

All these questions will tell you something about your self. You may say - well, I don't care about any of that, I just want to relax and have fun, and of course there's nothing wrong in that. It is clearly your chosen way of connecting with yourself in a happy place.

Art also has the power to connect people across cultures and languages. Engaging in artistic pursuits can foster a sense of community and belonging. Collaborative art projects or sharing one's work with others can lead to meaningful connections and a deeper appreciation for diversity.

One of the aspects of the classes I hold is our tea/coffee breaks. These serve several functions.

  • They give my students a break from intense concentration, which can be tiring

  • It is a chance for socializing and sharing our stories.

  • There is always a mix of students from varying backgrounds so we hear stories from other cultures and holiday adventures

  • We share humor and challenges and knowledge on a wide variety of topics

Art and personal development are intricately linked. Engaging in artistic endeavors can unlock our creative potential, enhance self-awareness, build self-confidence, and foster emotional growth. It teaches us important life skills, such as perseverance, problem-solving, and mindfulness, while also connecting us with others on a deeper level.

So whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner, consider incorporating more art into your life as a means of personal development and self-discovery. Embrace the creative journey, and you may be surprised by the positive impact it has on your overall well-being and personal growth.

As an artist develops beyond learning their skills, their art generally takes on a greater depth and meaning. This can lead to learning about new areas of interest and in depth research.

My current journey is taking me down the path of Sacred Geometry. - a fascinating subject

Infinite Transcendence abstract painting in pinks, purples and turquoise
Infinite Transcendence

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