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The Learning Journey

In last week's blog post I shared with you my journey to Southern Gippsland .......

Southern Gippsland,Macrocarpa trees.
It is a beautiful part of Australia with it's rolling green hills, sculptural Macrocarpa trees, and wild Southern Ocean.

Now I'd like to share again, this time, some of the insights I gained from that trip.

I think one of the things that we don't usually see as artists, is what happens when our collectors hang our work in their homes. On this 2000 kilometre journey I travelled a great distance, not just geographically but also in what I learnt about the value of art. In fact I learnt to see and appreciate my own art in a whole new light. It is my hope that by sharing this insight that other artists may come to appreciate their own art to a greater degree.

I will never forget the delight on Rosie's face when she saw her painting on the wall, a painting which is so aptly named Joy. It never occurred to me that day I met Rosie long ago, that one day she would buy one of my paintings and become one of my treasured collectors. It was a privilege to see her joy, as she examined my work and made a series of connections to her life and the choice of that particular artwork. These were things that she had not realised when she previously looked at the painting online and decided to buy it.

Joy oil on canvas by Kadira Jennings
Rosie with her painting 'Joy'

Before this day I had never realised how much happiness a painting can bring to someone. I guess I really took my work for granted and didn't appreciate the depth of connection somebody can have between an artwork and themselves. This experience has been such an eye-opener for me about the value I bring to the world as an artist and I have great gratitude to you Rosie, for this gift, Thank you.

And to celebrate - a selfie and....

A relax by the fire!

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