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The Power of Circles, How to Power up Your Creativity

I have done a course recently - as reviewed in my previous blog post The Secrets of Natural Success. One of the really empowering things I learnt from this course was the power of circles. There was a fair amount of instruction and practice that led up to understanding this, but the basic idea is that you can draw two circles. In one you place the word VICTIM and in the other POWER.

So how do you feel when you are in either of these circles. Imagine drawing a circle in front of you and writing the word victim in it. Now step into that circle. Think about your life as an artist - how does it feel when you are in the victim mindset? the diagram below will give you some ideas.

Do you feel like getting stuck into your painting or drawing, are you eager to start? NO? Of course you aren't. Now step out of your victim circle imagine scrubbing it all out and draw a power circle in front of you. Look at the words in the power circle above. Do any of them resonate with you? As you now step into your power circle, use those words or your own. What ever resonates with you. Let them soak in. Stand straight, breathe deeply. How do you feel now?

So next time you are feeling stuck in your work or even other areas of your life, stop and feel/think about which circle you are sitting in at that moment. Is your mind telling you a victim story or a power story?

Did you know that you are neither your mind or your emotions, yet we spend most of our lives identifying as one or the other! That feeling you have when you are busy telling yourself you are not good enough - is not you. Yes we feel it but the problem is we identify that thing as who I am.

I find this incredibly empowering, especially when my mind is nagging at me or being petty. I know now I can acknowledge that it is the mind's point of view and find a better thought, a better story.

Needless to say, this can have a wonderfully positive effect on your art practice and your creativity.

Enjoy your circles!

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Aspen Pluma
Aspen Pluma
02. Dez. 2021

Thanks for sharing this. I am in constant search for patterns that could make bathrooms more relaxing and comfortable. Sometimes, bathrooms are our escape from the noisy and stressful world. Imagine lying in a spa bath and opening your eyes to beautiful patterns that can help reduce whatever it is you're trying to get rid of.

Aside from using your activity here, I could also consider circular patterns. This is a breath of fresh air.

Gefällt mir
06. Dez. 2021
Antwort an

What a great idea aspen. If you did it in cool soothing colours like the beautiful blues and turquoise’s you sea in the ocean that could be amazing!

Gefällt mir
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