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What are 3 of The Best Watercolour Classes available on line?

If you're looking for an online watercolor class in 2024, there are several great options available catering to different skill levels and interests.

Zaneena Nabeel Painting en plein air
Zaneena Nabeel

Of course there are many videos available on line, however generally these are not as good as taking a course. Courses may be online or in person, and each have their benefits and pitfalls. however here are some suggestions for good quality courses you might want to take a look at.

One course that impressed me is that by artist Zaneena Nabeel, Watercolor Landscapes - A master class for beginners . Her beginning subjects aren't too difficult and she has a clean accomplished style. You can find her course here:

She has also written a book - see at the left.

Another excellent teacher is Rebecca Rhodes. She has a great site offering free tutorials and in-depth classes as well - follow this link: classes

Here is a link to her free tutorial on how to paint a dog's eye.

Then there is Angela Fehr.

She has an expressive and impressionist style of watercolor painting emphasizing a loose, fluid, intuitive style.

Angela’s courses include warm ups and exercises She offers a student gallery, and lifetime access to the course. There is also a yearly subscription to her live lesson library available, and she offers several of her courses bundled together for a massively discounted price.

Find out more about Angela here .....

Any of these wonderful watercolour artists have a wealth of knowledge to teach you. Check them out today whether you are a beginner or an advanced student I think you will find something to entice you with one of them.

And then of course if you live on the Central Coast NSW you could always come and do some watercolour classes with me at StudioK

Here are some watercolours completed by my students:

NB: I don't receive any affiliate income from these sites.

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