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What Don't You See That Goes Into an Artwork, Part III

This is the final part in the discussion of what goes on behind the scenes in producing an artwork. Those of us who are working toward becoming, or who already are, professional artists are actually people who have a very diverse skill base. We have a lot of balls in the air at any one time.

As I said earlier, the majority of artists have at the very least, a part-time job of some description to support themselves. I am fortunate, in that my extra work is related to my art practice. However what this means is that I am really running two businesses

.Take a look at the list below of all the skills it takes to become an artpreneur:

This will allow you to see what areas you need help with, things you might not have thought of yet and whom you might need to get help from.

The Skills Of An Artpreneur

  1. 1. Are you a proficient painter in your chosen medium/s and painting style, or do you need to upskill in some of the technical areas of your craft?

  2. Are you able to produce work consistently all year long? Around 20-30 works a year, depending on the size and complexity of course?

  3. Can you paint consistently within your style? Do you have a recognisable artistic fingerprint or style? You need something that is unique about your work. E.g. there are millions of landscape painters out there - does your work look like so many others?

  4. You are running a business - do you have the following biz skills?

a. What is your cash flow like? Do you have another form of income until your painting sales can support you?

b. Can you handle the financial side of things?

# At times you will need an accountant or a lawyer

c. Have you got your public liability and other insurances?

d. Do you know how to package your work properly for


e. Do you have systems in place for

# Tracking studio inventory

# Tracking painting inventory

f. Do you know how to price your work accurately?

g. How are your Marketing skills - these include things like

# Having an easy to navigate, user friendly website.

# Do you have a good level of social media interaction?

# Are you on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter or other Social Media?

# Networking - with galleries & prospective collectors.

# Do you have a marketing plan ?

This is only half the list. If you would like the other half, sign up to my Deepen Your Art Practice Facebook group where I share more indepth information about maintaining your art practice.

Next week : A Not To Be Missed, Sydney exhibition this summer!

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