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What Enriches My Studio Practice? How Is the Week Unfolding in Studio KJ?

This week at Studio KJ promises to be a whirlwind of creativity and exploration. I am buzzing with excitement as new materials have arrived, sparking fresh waves of inspiration. The arrival of vibrant acrylic and alcohol inks has opened up a world of possibilities, to push the boundaries of my usual artistic expressions.

art stencils
My new stencils arrived today !!

I've been delving into the realm of abstract realism, a fascinating fusion that allows me to balance abstract elements with recognizable forms. This approach has been particularly invigorating, as it challenges me to blend spontaneity with structure, creating pieces that are both evocative and grounded.

The acrylic inks are proving to be a versatile addition to my toolkit. Their rich, vivid colors and ability to create textured layers are perfect for adding depth and dimension to my work. I will be experimenting with various techniques, from mixed ink applications to delicate glazes, each stroke adding a unique character to the canvas.

The alcohol inks, will introduce an element of fluidity and unpredictability to my paintings. (Watch this space) :). Their vibrant hues and tendency to blend seamlessly will allow me to explore a more spontaneous side of my creativity. Watching the inks flow and interact on the surface is almost meditative, which can lead to unexpected and sometimes mesmerizing results.

I am excited to explore the combining of these new mediums. The contrast between the more controlled dispersion of the acrylics and the free-flowing nature of alcohol inks creates a dynamic interplay of textures and colors. This contrast will be at the heart of my current series, where abstract forms emerge from a sea of fluid hues, hinting at the recognizable while celebrating the abstract.

mandala stencil for artwork

In between painting sessions, I’ve been taking moments to reflect on this new direction. It’s a reminder of how important it is to continually evolve and push the boundaries of my practice. Each new material, each new technique, is a step forward, a chance to expand my artistic vocabulary and express my vision in new and exciting ways.

While continuing to underpin my work with the Krystal Spiral energy, I also want to begin exploring a way to bring more awareness to the endangered species of our world. To this end I will be doing several works that include endangered birds and animals as the realistic part of the abstract realism.

I have two threads that I want to follow, one I explained previously. the other involves examining the way that we have included many creatures in our lives. What I mean by that is looking at the symbolism that they embody and what they can teach us by observing the way they live their lives? How can their stories inform our own lives?

For many years indigenous people have favoured a spirit animal which assists them in their lives. What do these animals symbolise and how do they help? These things are all food for thought and I hope to weave them into my future canvases.

As the week unfolds, I’m eager to see where this journey will take me. The possibilities feel endless, and the excitement of creating something new and unexpected is a constant source of motivation. Studio KJ is truly a place of endless potential, and I’m grateful for every moment spent in this creative sanctuary.

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